How to confirm Business appointments in English, and how to avoid one classic mistake

Many students of mine have problems with confirming appointments in English, so here is my short guide to the phrases you can use both for formal or informal situations.  If you want to check out how to make business appointments, check out these top phrasal verbs!

Confirming appointments

Business appointments

I confirm Monday 9am is ok

Ok, Monday 9am works for me

Importantly here, there are a few phrases which are NOT USED in English to confirm appointments.  In many European languages, appointments are confirmed with some kind of equivalent of ‘count with’.  One of the classic mistakes I hear from speakers of many European languages is that they say something like ‘Ok, I count with Tuesday 9am.’  Unfortunately, this phrase count with does not exist in English.

Similarly, the phrase ‘count on’ also does not work in English when confirming appointments, so it is best to avoid any phrase involving count.

Social plans

I will be there!

Ok, Monday is fine see you there.

These phrases are excellent for group chats on social media:

Count me in

I’m in

Saying that you are not free for an appointment

Business Appointments

Unfortunately, I can’t make it on Monday 9am.

I’m afraid I have a meeting on Tuesday 10am.

Social plans

I can’t make Tuesday night

Sorry, I can’t do Wednesday evening

Sorry, I have plans on Friday afternoon

If you would like to have any of these words explained further, or if you would like to see some more examples, feel free to email me at [email protected], or message me on Skype at live:fluencyspace! Click here for more advanced vocabulary.


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