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Here are the Best Business English Phrases which come from Flying

Updated September 13, 2023 by David Cox, Business English Coach

Whether you travel a lot for business or pleasure, it is likely that you have flown in a plane at some point.  Whether you love or hate flying, the idioms which come from it are here to stay!  Here are the best Business English phrases which come from flying. 

Business English Phrases from Flying

to get something off the ground 

To start a plan or project successfully 

 “We will need much more funding to get this project off the ground” 

 on the fly 

 To do something quickly without preparing or thinking too much about it 

 “I had no time to prepare my presentation, so I had to do it on the fly.” 

 to be up in the air 

If a situation is up in the air, it means that it is still uncertain and unresolved 

 “The potential deal is still up in the air because we cannot agree terms.” 


to take off 

To suddenly become successful or popular 

 “The business is really starting to take off.” 

to soar 

To rise quickly to a high level 

 “House prices are soaring at the moment.”

to nosedive

To fall in value by a large amount, very quickly and very suddenly

"The stock price has nosedived since the scandal."
"Property prices are nosediving everywhere."

to fly

To be successful:

"Unfortunately, I don't thank that idea is going to fly."
"The company is really flying at the moment; let's hope that we can keep this momentum going into the next quarter!."
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