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In order to boost your personal or your team's Business English skills, it is important for me to create lessons and courses based on your own personal goals.

From my 11 years of teaching experience, most students usually set goals for their English based on the skill sets below.  Click on the areas that are of most interest to you to find out more about my methods!

David is always well-prepared and very supportive during and outside the classes. Unfailingly ready to answer any questions.

Lucie Kristenova Language Teacher, Lyon, France

David is a professional! His lessons are focused on a result. He sets goals with students and reaches these goals

Denis Gvozd Co-Founder at Dev Team Inc. Minsk, Belarus
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    English for Specific Business Scenarios

    Feel more confident in running meetings, participating in meetings, giving your opinion, delivering presentations, doing small-talk

Do you ever feel like you don't participate in meetings because you don't have confidence in your English?

Do you feel uncomfortable giving presentations?

Do you feel awkward and self-conscious when you have to make small-talk?

If so, there are many ways in which I can boost your confidence.  With these areas, we firstly take a step-by-step journey through fixed phrases that you can use at each stage of a meeting or presentation. For small-talk, I also have a step-by-step plan that I use with my students:

In order to apply phrases that we have learnt, I use role-plays to simulate real meetings / presentations / small-talk situations. I have a huge selection of role plays, some of which I have on my site.  There is an example of a role-play in the link below:

Employee Satisfaction Role Play

I can also create role-plays specific to your job position.  As a teacher of Business English for over 11 years, I have experience in teaching hundreds of professionals across a huge range of fields in business, finance and medicine.

In order to simulate a real meeting or presentation, I always have a list of questions prepared to help you train for the unexpected.

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    Business English Vocabulary

    Use professional vocabulary with confidence. Switch basic vocabulary with more sophisticated business expressions, business idioms and business phrasal verbs

Do you sometimes feel like you use simple vocabulary when you know that there are more professional expressions that you could use?

Do you sometimes hear words in meetings which you don't understand?

Do you sometimes feel like you know professional vocabulary, but you always use simple words in speaking?

After over 11 years of teaching professionals, I have compiled a huge list of Business English vocabulary which can be used across a range of scenarios. From experience, I always find that this is the best place to start for vocabulary building.  An example of a few of these phrases can be found on my site in the link below:

Advanced Business English Phrases for any Situation!

From this strong foundation, there are many different ways in which I like to teach students new vocabulary.

All vocabulary that we learn is added to a Google Document after each lesson, such as in the example below:

I make a document like this for each individual student or group, and I edit it after each lesson. I then use this document as a basis for reviewing and implementing vocabulary. The next stage is to get this vocabulary into your active English.

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    Business English Grammar

    Learn to speak and write with accuracy from someone who has studied English linguistics in great depth

Do you find that you keep making the same grammar mistakes in your speaking?

Are you sometimes confused about which verb tense you need to use?

Do you find that you sometimes use simple sentences instead of more complicated ones?

If this sounds like you, then I can certainly help you to improve your English grammar.  With my 11 years of teaching experience, I have taught professionals who are native speakers of a huge variety of languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Polish, Ukranian, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian. I therefore understand the specific grammar difficulties that speakers of all of these languages experience. As part of my University education, I have also studied linguistics and language typology, which means that I have a detailed understanding of how these languages work even if I don't speak them.

If you feel as if you would like to improve your grammar, I can conduct a comprehensive grammar test in order to asses your level and identify any areas which we can improve on.  This assessment is carried out both through speaking and grammar quizzes focused on specific mistakes which are made in business.  An example of such a test can be found in the link below:

In order to teach grammar, I often use pages from this site, as they are specifically tailored to Business English.  I sometimes use other resources, such as "Hewing's Advanced Grammar in Use", which contains some excellent exercises.

One of the main difficulties that English learners have is with verb tenses.  For this, I have put together a book with over 240 diagrams to help English learners understand tenses in a business context.  I often use this in my lessons, and I offer the book for free with every course package bought.

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    Business English Writing

    Learn how to write professional and sophisticated emails with accuracy and confidence

Are you sometimes unsure about the phrases that you have used in your email?

Are you sometimes embarrassed to send an email because you think that there are a lot of mistakes in there?

Do you find it difficult to see your own mistakes?

If this sounds like you, then I can certainly help you to boost your confidence in your English writing.

Phrases to take your emails to the next level

    • Opening phrases for an email
    • Phrases for explaining why you are writing
    • Formal email phrases when writing to people you don't know
    • Appropriate phrases for reaching out to someone for the first time
    • Phrases for casual emails to your team
    • Phrases for signposting an email
    • Requesting information
    • Asking for clarification
    • How to express urgency in a polite manner when someone hasn't replied
    • Giving bad news
    • Apologizing
    • Making offers for collaboration
    • Scheduling meetings
    • How to deal with attachments and links in an email
    • Phrases for closing an email

Ways in which we can improve your writing level

    • How to get more professional vocabulary into your writing
      • Learn key professional phrases that you can get into any email
      • Gain a balance of sophisticated vocabulary, idioms and business phrasal verbs
    • How to get more complicated sentences into your writing
      • Sentences with 'which', 'who', 'whereby'
      • Sentences with complex verb patterns
      • Key phrases to build sentences such as 'the fact that'
    • Avoid classic grammar mistakes in emails
      • Learn how to spot your own mistakes
      • For this, we build a checklist of grammar mistakes to look out for based on previous examples of your emails
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      • Learn how to use conditional sentences to make polite phrases
      • Learn how to express urgency politely in situations whereby someone has not replied to your email
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How much do lessons cost?

The price is made for each individual lesson, with a discount for packages of 5 lessons or 10 lessons

Due to the fact that lessons are specifically adapted to your personal English goals and needs, there is no fixed length to the course.    This is the same for group lessons.  Courses can be put together, for which we can specify a specific course length, or alternatively we can run lessons continuously.

It is possible to pay for as many lessons in advance as you like.  It is also possible just to pay for 1 lesson at a time at the beginning.

You don't have to pay anything until we have spoken in a free 30-minute consultation.

  • Opportunity for us to meet, and it gives you the chance to try some of the materials I use, and to see for yourself the techniques I use, because it is much easier to demonstrate them face to face!
  • Opportunity for me to learn more about your learning styles and mistakes you make when speaking spontaneously
  • Establish PERSONALISED CLEAR GOALS for your English learning
  • No obligation to continue with paid lessons after the demo lesson
Book a Free Consultation and Action Plan

Alternatively, email me at [email protected] for more information!