Jakub Jedlicka

When I started lessons 3 years ago I set David a challenge.  I wanted him to make my lessons dependent on my skills and how my skills will grow.  There are 2 types of teachers, one is learning step-by-step from textbooks, but David is different.  He adapts his style to my needs, because I wanted to do it a different way.  It is the basis of our lessons.  I feel more confident with my English in present days, which is very important because I travel more often than not to English speaking countries.

Jakub Jedlicka Managing Director, Casablanca Inc.
Marcela Bernatova

I have had lessons with David for 2.5 years.  I like the style of lessons, especially the articles he comes with.  Every time the latest and interesting stories with useful phrases and vocabulary.  We are used to discussing different topics for the first half of our lessons, with focusing on mistakes David tries to find in my talking.  David is able to describe English basic rules as well as harder grammar in such a different way to my experience from school.  I have learned a lot of business phrases I am able to use at my work.  I am also not afraid of speaking without thinking about grammar before.  Finally, I have thrown away bad habits I learned in our educational system.

Marcela Bernatova Project Manager, Sentient s.r.o
Martin Nosek

David’s lessons provide everything I need for my personal improvement.  We are not rigidly linked to one specific textbook or topic, and that’s great for me. I enjoy lessons, David is the best teacher I ever had (not only because of his unique explanation of conditionals).  If I had not visited lessons, I would not be comfortable to listen to the BBC or read something original, it feels easier now.

Martin Nosek HR Manager, Ceska Sporitelna Bank. Prague, Czech Republic
Monica Eras

I have had English lessons with David for two years! I really appreciate his professionalism and his permanent support in my professional requirements. I was very lucky to find David as a teacher!

I am in charge of the operations in Latin America and I must present to a Committee the potential financial investments in English language. Thanks to David I feel more confident with my writing and speaking English skills. English learning is an ongoing process and I am willing to make a strong effort with David’s support of course.

Monica Eras Investment Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean at Frankfurt School Financial Services
Valentina Kipel

I was looking for assistance to move my English to the really advanced level as it was required at my new job. In the very first lesson we defined together the goals as well as the ways to achieve them. Every next step towards being professional in English was as effective as possible since the lessons with David were thoroughly prepared and well-structured.
One of the distinctive features of David’s advanced lessons which I personally appreciate very much is ability to work on several aspects of language in parallel keeping up the highest standard of the learning process.
The most important thing is that David keeps his word and ”boosts your English” and moreover he is a fan of your successful results.

Valentina Kipel Business Analyst, Minsk
Martin Perrone

David has really helped me to bring my spoken English to the next level. Interesting and challenging classes.

Martin Perrone Finance Director, AB Mauri Hispano-America. Buenos Aires
Daniel Carrara

David is a great teacher. He is kind, polite, professional and a deep connoisseur of the Language. Also, David is very flexible and he can model the lesson as your needings. I had many Business English lessons and job interview preparation and he was more than a teacher, he was a coach for me.

Daniel Carrara Product Manager, The App Business. London, UK
Estelle Garcin

David is a great teacher. He prepares his lessons and adapt them depending on my objectives. He helps me to have confidence in my English pronunciation

Estelle Garcin Financial Controller. Paris
Lucas Larcher

I started having lessons with David only two months ago, and he quickly assessed my level of English and identified the areas we should work on. So far, I see the progress and I feel more confident knowing that we are tackling the areas I’ve been struggling with for a long time.

Lucas Larcher Lead Lean Startup Deployment - Philip Morris International, Warsaw
Lucie Kristenova

David is always well-prepared and very supportive during and outside the classes. Unfailingly ready to answer any questions.

Lucie Kristenova Language Teacher. Lyon, France
Ellen Zhuang

Thanks for your preparation. You are truly the most responsible English
teacher I have ever met.

Ellen Zhuang Product Manager at italki.com. Shanghai, China
Denis Gvozd

David is a professional! His lessons are focused on a result. Not on process. he sets goals with students and reaches these goals

Denis Gvozd Co-Founder at Dev Team Inc. Minsk, Belarus
Tanin Rojanapiansatith

I have had lessons with David for a few years. Throughout this time we have been gradually reducing my mistakes in my English speaking.

A few months ago he was training me for a job interview. I managed to pass the interview, and I was quite surprised in the feedbacks, when the interviewer actually said to me that for a question about deal with a problem in a project, my answer was actually the best answer he had ever heard for that particular question.

Tanin Rojanapiansatith Capital 1, Nottingham, UK

The teaching style really impressed me. Not to mention, you’ve got a talent at teaching!

Hong-Pu Banker, Taipei
Carol Wang

Hello David! Hope you have a nice evening! I just finished my group meeting and then me and my group mates went to go for a hotpot together! We are very happy tonight!

And just want to tell you I’m improving recently! I can express myself better than before in my group and my teammates feel happy about what I found in market segmentation.

Thank you very much David! Thanks for your help!

Carol Wang Marketing Student at the London School of Economics

After I took some lessons from him, I’m more confident to speak in English now in the meeting or communicate with native speaker.
David is always well prepared and send me all the materials as requested. In addition, he also helps me to plan the lesson structure that suit my level rather than just follow syllabus from the text book.
I’m glad to have David as my teacher, he is professional and patient.

Kenny IT Application Developer, Plexus Corp - Penang, Malaysia
Vitaly Mindlin

David is a fantastic teacher! I have started working together with David already being able to speak English fluently. My goal was to eliminate the glaring pronunciation problems. In the first lesson David has identified the most critical and the most common mistakes that I have been making. He has also drawn up a plan how to address and resolve those problems. We have followed that plan, doing specific exercises and constantly keeping track on my progress. That approach helped me to improve my speaking and boost my self-confidence during the business conversation with the native speakers.

Now our goal is to expand my vocabulary in Business English. The approach is the same: structured plan, specific exercises and progress tracking at every lesson. Even though we have started working on my vocabulary very recently – I have already noticed the improvements. From time to time I am able to pick a specific phrase that I have learnt from David, which ideally fits the context and makes the native speakers laugh. That has helped me to build the strong bonds with my business partners from UK.

I would recommend everybody irrespective of their proficiency level to work with David. He is an outstanding teacher, who can address your specific problems and turn a lesson into a pleasant conversation.

Vitaly Mindlin Change Analyst - Frankfurt, Germany
David Martins, IT Manager for PEGA and Enterprise Architecture - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I’ve been studying with David and it has been very impressive. His focus details made my English to be improved for business and interviews. In a few classes I feel more confident.

David Martins, IT Manager for PEGA and Enterprise Architecture - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Steffan Bohrmann, Workshop Moderator at Ebene C - Germany

David is more than an English teacher. I have the feeling that he is above all a motivational trainer with whom you learn English on top – as if by chance. Dave has the ability to make all topics extremely lively. As a workshop moderator this helps me a lot when we rehearse typical client situations. Step by step I am getting more and more confident, even with challenging situations. Big compliments and thanks. Good-good-good!

Steffan Bohrmann, Workshop Moderator at Ebene C - Germany