Advanced Business English for Career Confidence and Success

  • Private classes for businesses or individuals on Zoom, Teams or Skype specifically tailored to the needs of your needs
  • An individual, personal approach to classes with David, an expert in advanced Business English with 11 years' experience
  • 100s of specialist materials for advanced Business English learners

David is always well-prepared and very supportive during and outside the classes. Unfailingly ready to answer any questions.

Lucie Kristenova Language Teacher, Lyon, France

David is a professional! His lessons are focused on a result. He sets goals with students and reaches these goals

Denis Gvozd Co-Founder at Dev Team Inc. Minsk, Belarus
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About Me - Linguist with 11 Years' Experience

My name is David, and I come from a city in central England called Leicester.  For over 11 years, I have been helping professionals to improve their confidence in business English.

During my 11 years as a teacher, I have taught hundreds of professionals across the world including company owners, CEOs, CFOs, as well as professionals in marketing, sales, HR, IT and finance.

My main focus is to improve your career opportunities through Business English, and as a completely independent teacher I strive to tailor my lessons and courses to your specific goals and needs.

I specialise in teaching learners who are already at an upper-intermediate to advanced level, but feel they want to further their English in order to achieve their full career potential.  During my 11 years of discussing business in-depth across a wide range of fields, I have collected a huge amount of data on vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs that my students really need based on real discussion.

What can I offer, which other teachers maybe cannot?

  • An individual, personal approach completely tailored to your specific goals and career development
  • 11 years' teaching experience specialising in advanced Business English
  • Materials based on 11 years of data on what vocabulary advanced learners REALLY need to boost their English. This is based on REAL conversations with professionals across a wide range of disciplines.
  • A deep understanding of a wide range of business fields, including management, finance, marketing, sales, HR, IT and more
  • Experience in teaching students from across the world, including Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and South America.
  • An understanding of the difficulties faced by students with different native languages, with specific knowledge of French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Ukranian, Russian, Arabic and Chinese
  • A teacher with a linguistics background who speaks German, French and Czech
  • My own materials including a free e-book of over 200 free diagrams to help with grammar
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