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With 12 years of data and experience, I know exactly how to get you

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I can take your professional vocabulary to the next level as quickly as possible through 3 main methods

The Fluency Space Vocabulary Curriculum

Based on my experience, I have put together 32 vocabulary modules.  With a strong knowledge of all these modules, you will be able to sound like a real professional in any business scenario.  

Real or Adapted Articles Related to Your Job Position

Over 12 years I have collected an archive of relevant articles related to your specific field of business.  We have adapted many of these articles to focus on vocabulary from the vocabulary curriculum.

Targeted Discussion Based on your Job Position

I have vast experience in discussing a broad range of business fields.  From leadership, marketing, sales, IT, finance. We know the questions to ask to get the most useful vocabulary into your English.

With a focus is purely on getting you the specific vocabulary and grammar that you need to further your career, I have collected 12 years of data based on business discussions with learners every day.
I have put together our own vocabulary curriculum of 32 modules designed to make you sound as professional as possible as quickly as possible.
With daily conversations and a strong knowledge of the vocabulary topics below, I believe that you will sound like the ultimate professional in any business scenario.
All Fluency Space, students gain access to the Fluency Space Academy, which contains all modules, interactive homework exercises and advice on how to use vocabulary in a sentence.

Fluency Space Vocabulary Curriculum Modules

Guide To Business Small-Talk
Sound Professional when Participating in Meetings
Sound Professional when Running Meetings
Sound Professional in Presentations
Sound Professional in Emails
Sound Professional When Discussing Research And Making Decisions
Sound Professional When Talking About Budgets and  Spending
Sound Professional When Making Arrangements and Discussing Timings
Sound Dynamic When Talking About Progress and Improvement
Slowing Down and Stopping Progress
Make Yourself Sound Hard-Working and Knowledgeable
Sound Professional When Talking about Causes and Consequences
Sound Creative When Coming Up With New Ideas
Sound Convincing When Talking About Change
Sound Professional When Talking about Being Busy and Prioritizing
Being Seen
Sound like a Leader
Sound Practical When Talking About Overcoming Mistakes
Sound Dynamic When Talking About Preparation and Getting Started
Sound Professional When Attracting Customers
Making Your Company Sound Innovative
Sound Professional When Talking About Rules and Regulations
Sound Professional When Discussing Risk
Sound Professional When Talking About Values
Sound Professional When Talking About Image
Sound Professional When Talking About Positive Times
Sound Practical When Talking About Difficult Times
Sound Professional When Talking About Uncertain Times
Sound Intelligent When Talking About Facts, Stats, Evidence and Data
Sound Professional When Describing Increases and Decreases
Sound Professional When Participating in a Negotiation
Sound Like a Great Negotiator - Talking About a Negotiation
Key Adverbs, Conjunctions and Mini Expressions to Add to Your Professional English

Download a Sample Module

A Dedication to Monitoring Progress and Giving a Personalised Experience 

All new vocabulary and grammar that you learn is added to a Google Document after each lesson. 
This document then acts as a basis for review and implementation. Repetition of previous vocabulary is key to success.
Each student can also add their personal vocabulary to this, as I am purely there to benefit your needs.
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Fluency - My 4 Step Process To Get Everything Into Your Active English as Quickly as Possible

Target New Vocabulary as Efficiently as Possible

My key aim in order to fast track your progress is to identify areas of vocabulary that you are missing as soon as possible. I do this by targeting discussion towards your specific role, or conducting role-plays based on specific scenarios that you encounter in your business life.  The second method that I use is to take modules from the Fluency Space Vocabulary Curriculum shown above, which will give you a rounded advanced Business English vocabulary.

Review New Vocabulary Consistently through Verbal Exercises

One of the cornerstones to the Fluency Space philosophy is the constant repetition of what we have already learnt. At the beginning of each lesson, We review old vocabulary with quick-fire verbal exercises. It is important not only to review vocabulary from the previous lesson, but to review vocabulary from 5 lessons ago, 10 lessons ago in order to keep everything fresh.

Implement Vocabulary in Guided Speaking with Gamification Techniques Unique to Fluency Space

After revising the vocabulary, I will then make a list of around 5 or 6 pieces of vocabulary relevant to the upcoming discussion. This vocabulary will remain in the background either on an electronic whiteboard or a real whiteboard. In the upcoming discussion, the student attempts to use as many of these words as possible in their active speaking through various scoring and gamification techniques. Each lesson, we try to improve on the total number of new phrases that we use in active speaking.

Implement Vocabulary in Free Speaking

Once we have established a habit of attempting to use new vocabulary in guided speaking, students start using new words automatically in their speaking without thinking. At Fluency Space, I also use gamification to assess the use of new vocabulary in completely free active speaking.

Grammar - How to Sound Professional with Accuracy in Active Speaking

An understanding of the specific grammar difficulties that speakers of many world languages experience.

I have worked extensively with speakers of French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian. 

Published Books and Excellent Visual Materials from Fluency Space

I have published a complete guide to using verb tenses in business, helping you to see verb tenses like never before with over 250 diagrams.  All materials are free for you or your company through the purchase of a lesson package.

Comprehensive assessment of your English level and grammar

We offer all new students a full grammar test and level assessment, which is specifically adapted for Business English. From this, we can establish your goals for yours or your team's English development. 

Fluency Space Grammar Curriculum Based on the Most Common Grammar Errors for Advanced Learners 

 Present Simple or Present Continuous Verb Tenses
 Present Perfect or Past Simple Verb Tenses
 Verb Tenses with 'for', 'since' and 'how long'
 Verb Tenses to Talk About Future Events and Plans
 Future from the Past and Indirect Speech
 Passive Sentences for Official and Company Uses
 Conditional Sentences
 Key Prepositions and Collocations in Business English
 Key Verb Patterns in Business English
 Key Uncountable Nouns in Business English
 Adjectives with -ing and -ed
 Articles with 'a' and 'the'
 Used to / be used to / get used to
 'If' and 'in case'

Download a section from 'How to Use Verb Tenses in Business'

Do you struggle with understanding certain accents? Improve your listening fast with Fluency Space

Learn how English is spoken completely differently to how you might think.
Understand how rhythm might be affecting your understanding of English, as well as speaking.
Comprehensive guide and training on how to understand different accents based on differences in consonants, vowels, intonation and rhythm.
Learning materials from structured listening exercises as well as real-life business interviews from YouTube or Ted Talks 

Download a Sample Listening Training Exercise and Guide

Why Companies and Professionals Love Fluency Space


David is always so well-prepared and very supportive during and outside the classes. Unfailingly ready to answer any questions.


Lucie Kristenova

Language Teacher, Lyon, France


David is a professional! His lessons are focused on a result. He sets goals with students and reaches these goals.

Fluency Space Student

Denis Gvozd

Co-Founder at Dev Team, Minsk, Belarus


Thank you so much for your thorough preparation. You are truly the most responsible English teacher that I have ever met.

A Student

Ellen Zhuang

Product Manager at, Shanghai

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Lessons tailored to your needs
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Homework and materials included
FREE access to the Fluency Space Academy with 600 PDF materials and new exercises each week

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Lessons on Zoom, Teams or Skype
Lessons tailored to your needs
Flexible booking and lesson times
Homework and materials included
FREE access to the Fluency Space Academy with 600 PDF materials and new exercises each week

Full Course of 30 Lessons

€1040  |  $1100

Lessons on Zoom, Teams or Skype
Lessons tailored to your needs
Flexible booking and lesson times
Homework and materials included
FREE access to the Fluency Space Academy with 600 PDF materials and new exercises each week

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