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Here are the Best Business English Phrases for a Hot Summer

Updated August 1, 2023 by David Cox, Business English Coach

With many parts of the world experiencing an extremely hot summer, here are my best Business English idioms and phrases related to heat.  All of these are phrases that I would use personally.  For those experiencing heatwaves, stay safe in the warm weather!

Business English Phrases for a Hot Summer

Business English Idioms

to strike while the iron is hot

to make use of an opportunity immediately - especially one which will only last for a short period of time:

"After receiving a lot of praise for my performance during the project, I decided to strike while the iron was hot, so I applied for a promotion."

to get into hot water for something

to get into trouble for something:

"John got into hot water with his boss when he shared some confidential company information with a competitor."

to take some heat for something

to experience criticism for something:

"The government has taken a lot of heat recently for some of their more questionable economic policies."

to feel the heat

to deal with some intense pressure and hostility:

"The CEO is starting to feel the heat as profits have been decreasing quite significantly over the last few months."

in the heat of the moment

to do something without thinking, especially when you are angry or excited:

"I apologise for shouting at you like that.  I reacted badly in the heat of the moment."

to be in hot pursuit

to chase someone or something very closely in an attempt to catch it. This can be used to talk about chasing a person or chasing a goal.  With relation to chasing a person, we could use it in relation to the police:

"The police are in hot pursuit of the suspect."

We could also use it with a company chasing another company in order to achieve a better market position.

"Microsoft are in hot pursuit of Google in the race for AI superiority."

We can also be in hot pursuit of someone who we want to hire for the company:

"We are in hot pursuit of fresh talent."

We can also be in hot pursuit of a goal, target or ambition:

"The sales team are in hot pursuit of some really ambitious targets."

Other Business English Phrases

a hot topic

A topic which a lot of people are discussing at the moment:

"I understand that this is a really hot topic at the moment, so I have called a meeting tomorrow in order to discuss it in-depth."

a heated argument / debate / discussion

A heated argument/discussion is an argument whereby people get angry or excited.

"There were some heated discussions around the negotiating table."
"The meeting was really challenging, some of the discussions became really heated."

a warm-up

A warm-up is a short period of preparation for something.  It can be used as an adjective or a noun:

"I always need a quick warm-up before going into an intensive negotiation."
"We did a few warm-up exercises to get to know each other before launching into some of the more intensive activities."
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The Author - David Cox

I am a professional English coach from the UK.  I have taught Business English to professionals around the world for over 11 years, focusing specifically on advanced learners.

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