Tapping into your Target Audience – Useful Business English Phrases for Marketing

Here is a selection of my favourite advanced Business English phrases for marketing!

to gain exposure

‘To gain exposure’ means to get attention for your product or service.  In marketing, this commonly refers to attention in the media or social media.

We can gain exposure for our product or our company, or alternatively we can gain exposure in the media or on a specific social media channel.

As we are marketing a fashion product, we can gain a lot of exposure on Instagram’

‘Maybe we can use a celebrity to gain more exposure for the product’

to have a [adjective] presence

If your product or brand has a presence, it means that it is seen or noticed somewhere:

‘Our brand has quite limited online presence at the moment.’

‘We currently have a strong presence on Facebook’

‘We want to improve our social media presence.’

‘We currently have a strong presence in the UK, we are now looking to expand our presence into continental Europe.’

to build brand awareness

‘To build brand awareness’ means to make other people know about the existence of your brand:

‘Exposure on social media should help us to build brand awareness’

‘We are trying to build brand awareness by improving our SEO ranking.’

to build brand identity

‘Brand identity’ is how your company is seen by an audience, especially in terms of visuals, such as logo, colours, typography etc.

‘We need to build a distinct brand identity in order to separate ourselves from the competition’

to pinpoint our target audience

To pinpoint something means to find the exact facts about something.  When applied to marketing, it can refer to finding out exactly who your specific target audience is:

‘We need to carry out market research in order to pinpoint exactly the type of person who would want to use our product’

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to zero in on our target audience

When you have pinpointed exactly who your target audience is, it is then possible to zero in on your target audience. ‘To zero in on something’ means to focus all of your attention on something.  When we relate this to marketing, it means to focus all of your marketing on the specific needs of the target audience, and not on the needs of the general population and those outside of the target audience.

‘In order to zero in on our target audience of young people, we need to gain more exposure on Instagram as opposed to Facebook’

‘We need to know exactly what our audience are looking for before we can zero in on our target market.’

to tap into

This means to establish a connection, familiarity and understanding of something so that you can take advantage of it.

In terms of marketing, we use this to talk about understanding and then using the mindset or feelings of your target audience in order to sell your product.

‘To market our new video game, we need to tap into the mindset of a teenager today’

‘We can tap into young people’s interest in the environment, by using recycled paper packaging instead of plastic.

to formulate a marketing strategy / to draw up a marketing strategy

‘We need to formulate a strong marketing strategy if we want the product to be successful’

‘We have drawn up a marketing strategy which will fall within our tight budget’

If you would like me to give a more detailed explanation of these words, or if you would like to see some more examples, feel free send me an email at [email protected], or message me on Skype at live:fluencyspace! Check out more useful vocabulary here!


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