Presenting your Marketing Strategy

(This can also be done as an email exercise)


    • Welcome people to the presentation
    • Briefly Explain what the presentation (or email) is about
      • Explain that you are summarizing an upcoming marketing strategy for a new product

 Marketing Strategy

    • Introduction
      • Give a quick introduction about the product, including the key features
    • Your target audience for the campaign
      • Explain who your target audience for the product is
        • What age or gender are they?
        • What income bracket do they fall under
      • Explain how you discovered your target audience
        • How did you carry out market research?
    • Explain your marketing strategy for the product
      • Which forms of digital marketing will you use?
        • Social Media?
        • Digital Advertising campaigns on Google for example?
        • Offline marketing?
      • What kinds of ads will you use?
        • Videos, images, text?
      • Why do you believe that these forms of marketing will be successful?
        • How will they present the best features of the product?
        • How will they target the audience that they are aiming to attract?
    • How will you analyse whether the marketing strategy has been successful?


    • Briefly close the presentation and thank people for coming
    • Ask if there are any questions