Selling your training course to a Company, and Negotiating the Price of the Service

Your Product

The company that you work offers video training courses to other businesses, to help with their staff training. Your aim is to try and sell your training product, and then to negotiate a price for the product.

Sales pitch

    • Introduction

- Quick description of your product and how it can benefit the company

- Is it a video training course or an in-company training course?

    • A story about a company who had problems which were solved with your product
    • Details on the strengths of your product

- Details about what the course contains

- What the strengths of the course are

- The advantages of the training course type (video course training/in-company training)

- Cheap

- Easy to use

- The problems that your specific training course can solve

    • Facts and statistics
    • Reviews and comments from other companies who have used the course
    • Final sales call-to-action

Price Negotiation

The company are interested in buying the course. You want to sell the course for $1000, but they only want to pay $500 for the course.  Your aim is to negotiate an agreement with them which is close to $1000 as possible.  Use negotiating vocabulary, and consider adding some other options to your service such as:

- Personal support on any problems or questions during the course

- Progress checks following the course

- Personal staff training for implementing the course