Sentences with 'wish' Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

I wish I ___________ Physics at university instead of chemistry.


I wish people ___________ to me more often.


I wish I ___________ less shy. It would make life so much easier!


I wish __________ a professional musician when I am older.


It was a great party last night. I wish we ___________ longer, but Daniel really wanted to go home.


I really wish you ___________ smoking.


I wish I ___________ more confident when I was younger.


It is raining quite heavily. I imagine John is wishing he ___________ his umbrella.


I wish I ___________ afford to come on holiday with you guys this year.


This restaurant is great! It’s such a shame it is the last night of our holiday. I wish we  ___________ about it earlier, we could have come here more often!