Present Simple or Present Continuous Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. I ___________ tennis every Sunday
2. I'm sorry, I can't speak to you now because I ___________ in a meeting.
3. The team ___________ really well at the moment, they have won their last 3 games!
4. I ___________ to the gym 3 times per week, because I want to look good for my holiday next month!
5. My family ___________ in India. It has always been their home.
6. The weather ___________ colder and colder now that we are in December!
7. I ___________ as a waitress for some extra money during this Summer.
8. I don't know what I ___________ on this project!
9. My dad ___________ about the weather whenever the sun isn't out.
10. The political situation ___________ quite dramatically as a result of the fighting in the city.