Present Simple or Present Continuous Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of an appropriate verb in the present simple or present continuous.  Some of the verbs are given in brackets, some of the verbs you have to think of yourself.

I (love) playing football. At the moment I for a team in my home town, but I think I will be able to move to a team in a higher division if I continue to play as well as I (play) now. I (train) every Tuesday and Thursday, and the matches on Sunday mornings. Currently, the team nearly every week. In fact, we haven't lost for 4 months, so we (climb) up the league table.

My dad actually (manage) the team, which  its advantages and disadvantages. I sometimes feel a little bit uncomfortable having my father as a manager, as he (shout) at me more than the other players, but it me a lot of motivation. Also, he (get) calmer as he  older.