Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate verb in the present perfect or the present perfect continuous. Sometimes the verb is already given.

1. We (lose) 3 football matches already this year, our results need to improve soon!

2. I (wait) for 1 hour for my friend to arrive, and he is still not here yet!

3. I can't believe the repair service failed to call us back yesterday. They (do) this before!

4. I (think) hard recently about the problems in the company, and I think I (find) a solution

5. I (always admire) people who take risks.

6. I (know) my friend Helen for 6 years.

7. Profits (increase) in the company ever since the year 2007, which is a great achievement. Hopefully it will continue!

8. I don't want to watch Titanic again. I the film many times before!

9. I (never eat) seafood before. I hope I will like it!

10. I (prepare) the meal all morning. I hope you will like it!