Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

Before I came to Northern Europe I ___________ snow!


When police were investigating the road accident, they discovered that the driver ___________ 2 road accidents before.


When we ___________ the tour of the city, we decided to go and eat in a local restaurant.


When I got home, I realised that while I ___________ someone had stolen my wallet!


The service at the restaurant was very slow. I ___________ all of my meal before my friends’ meals arrived!


We ___________ for nearly 100 kilometers before we finally found a service station where we could have a rest.


I ___________ the idea of going to a fitness centre, but when I went to one for the first time last week it was actually pretty fun!


We watched the film The Godfather last night.  We  ___________ the film about 3 times before, but we watched it again because John __________ it.