Narrative Tenses Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. By the time we ___________ at the party most people ___________!
2. While I ___________ to work John _____________ me constantly
3. While I ___________ on my computer it suddenly ____________ working!
4. When I lived in Germany I ___________ economics.
5. I picked up my bag, put on my coat and ___________ the house, but as soon as I ___________ the bus I realised that I ___________ the oven!
6. I ___________ to music while I was running.
7. I ___________ quite peacefully when I suddenly ___________ out of bed!
8. It was a beautiful day.  The sun ___________ and the birds ___________.  I ___________ my things and went for a walk outside.  I ___________ such beautiful countryside before.