Verbs of Possibility Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

You ___________ be full, because you have hardly eaten any of the food on your plate!


The performance ___________ be good, because it has received some great reviews!


Even if we revise for the test we ___________ pass it anyway.


The two teams are both very good and very entertaining to watch, so it ___________ be a good game!


I am just waiting for the bus, so I ___________ be a few minutes late.


They say that they are going to walk to the village.  They ___________ be serious, it is nearly 5 kilometers away!


If we leave now we ___________ catch the early bus.


I wish I had bought Stephanie that necklace for Christmas.  She ___________ it.


I think the film was terrible.  You ___________ it!


If we play at our very best, we ___________ a small chance of winning the game.