Mixed Past Tenses Quiz

Below is an paragraph about a trip to Dubai.

Fill in the gaps using either the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous, present perfect or present perfect continuous.  The verbs you need are given in brackets. It is best to read through the article first before you begin the exercise!

1. I went on a trip last month to Dubai with my friend John.  I was very excited about going because I (never, visit) Dubai before, and I (not, see) John for a long time, because he lives in Australia.  Like myself, John is also from the UK, but he (live) in Australia for 6 years.  I arrived at Dubai airport at around 8pm after a 4-hour flight from the UK.  I met John at the airport and we checked into our hotel.  I wanted to go and have a look around the city on the first evening, but John was really tired because he (sit) on a plane for 8 hours.   I decided to go and look around the city myself.  As I (walk) through the city, I suddenly (looked) up and saw the amazing Burj Khalifa tower.  I (never see) anything quite so incredible in my whole life!  Many people (tell) me that it was a magnificent building, but it is only when you see it that you realise just how big it is! I (stare) at the tower when I suddenly (realise) that I (left) my camera back at the hotel! The rest of the trip was also amazing, and since I have got back I (tell) people about it constantly. It is great to tell people that I (see) the tallest building in the world!