Future Tenses Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. This beach looks amazing! I think we  ___________ this place!
2. I __________ take you to the airport tomorrow if you need someone to give you a lift.
3. My plane ___________ at Manchester airport at 8pm tomorrow evening.
4. We have some ideas for what we want to do while we are here in Scotland. If the weather is nice, we ___________ a mountain on one of the days.
5. What shall I do today? I think I ____________ to the beach while the sun is out!
6. I'm sorry but I cannot come to the meal tonight. I ___________ work at 8pm tonight, so I ___________ arrive at the restaurant on time!
7. If you tell me your secret, I promise I ___________ tell anyone!
8. I think the earth ___________ a lot warmer in 50 years' time.
9. I ___________ my friend in Sicily sometime this year, but I'm not sure when.