'Even if' or 'Even though' Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. __________ I had enough money, I still wouldn't buy that watch because it is ridiculously ugly!. 
2. __________ I have just eaten a big pizza, I am still hungry. So, let's take a look at the dessert menu!
3. __________ it rains, we will still do the event outside.
4. __________ Steven worked very hard, he never seemed to have much money. 
5. __________ my brother was earning loads of money, he still wouldn't buy a fancy car. He doesn't really like driving.
6. __________ Alan loves animals, he says that doesn't want to have a pet. 
7. __________ it was really cold outside, I would still want to go out because I hate staying in the house.
8. ____________ I was so bored, I didn't leave the cinema until the end of the film.