Quiz to test all Conditional Forms!

If I had a car, I ___________ drive to you to the station.


Please contact us if you ___________ any questions.


If we had planned the trip a bit better before we left, we ___________ in this mess now!


If we ___________ harder, we would have won the game.


I wouldn’t have failed the test if I __________ studied harder.


If I ___________ you later in the pub, I will buy you a drink.


If I __________ the chance to travel to anywhere in the world, I ___________ to China.
(choose 2 answers below)


This bus journey is taking such a long time, and we still have 1 hour before we arrive at our destination! If we __________ the earlier bus, we ___________ there by now!

(choose 2 answers below)


If I ___________ in football, I ___________  to the game.
(choose 2 answers below)


If you ___________ fish, why are you in a fish restaurant?