Conditional Sentences Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate verb in the appropriate conditional form, some of the verbs are given for you in brackets.

I was walking in the town centre yesterday when someone stole my wallet from my pocket.  This was quite a shock to me, as this has never happened to me before.  I didn't notice until I was on my way home, and I reached in my pocket to pay for my bus ticket.  I was a bit stupid to leave my wallet in my back pocket in the first place. If I (put) it in my front pocket, it (be) impossible to steal, and I (not lose) all my cash and credit cards.  Normally, I try to avoid walking through the city centre. I don't like it there because there are too many people, but yesterday I couldn't avoid it because I was late for my bus home.  If I (not walk) through the city centre, I (not be) in this situation now whereby I am waiting for my replacement bank cards.

I have been considering moving to a different city for a long time now, and maybe this will help me make my decision.  Maybe if I (not live) in such a busy and dangerous city, this (not happen) yesterday.

Thankfully, I have managed to cancel all of my cards in time, and I didn't have much cash in my wallet.  However, I learnt a very valuable lesson yesterday, and I would like to share it: if I (be) you, I (put) all of my valuable items in my front pocket!