'Can' or 'Could' Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

I am going to take my umbrella, because it ___________ rain later.


When I was younger I __________ play the guitar, but I have forgotten how to play it now.


“Hi John, ___________ you give me a lift to work tomorrow?”


I think we __________ take our own drinks into the restaurant.


Climbing Everest ___________ be very dangerous, even for experienced climbers.


“Excuse me, ___________ you help me? I am looking for the town centre”


Tortoises __________ live for over 100 years!


There was a time when you __________ use this website for free, but now you have to pay.


The new McLaren F1 car __________ reach speeds of 372km/h.


If we _________ leave work early we will be home by 7pm.