The ultimate free guide to taking your English to the next level

  • Follow my 5-step plan to build sustainable learning habits with just 6 minutes of study per day
  • Learn how to avoid making the classic mistakes with your English Learning

So what will I learn in the book?

The book contains 5 steps on how you can skyrocket your English level, all from the comfort of your own home. The steps can be achieved with only 6 minutes of study time per day.

  • Find out the most fun app for building vocabulary, and why you only need to spend 2 minutes per day using it
  • Learn the most effective PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICK to get yourself motivated to read English
  • See the best places to find fun videos in English, and how to watch them
  • Get my guide to watching films in English: How to choose films and how to enjoy them
  • Discover how to make English part of your daily life WITHOUT FEELING LIKE YOU ARE STUDYING. This is the absolute key to your progress
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