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Welcome to the Fluency Space Premium Course

Most of you will have had English lessons before, either at college or through language schools.


I used to teach in a language school myself, but after a while I began to notice that a lot of the students always came to me with the same problems, which were all related to the way the courses at the language schools were set up.


Do any of the problems below sound familiar to you?


I forget most of the vocabulary I learn


This is mainly because language schools do not teach the SKILLS NEEDED TO STUDY ENGLISH OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM.

Giving homework is good, but this is just one exercise, it does not teach students to FORM A DAILY HABIT of making English part of your life outside of lessons.

My premium course will tell you EXACTLY how you can take your English to the next level through my '6 MINUTE SOLUTION' - In-depth training on how to make English part of your daily life with just 6 minutes study per day.

I also train students to use vocabulary in their SPONTANEOUS speaking, through methods which I can demonstrate in a demo lesson.


The grammar that we learn, I know HOW to use it, but I never use it in normal conversation


The problem with just doing exercises to practise grammar, is that you are thinking about the grammar point as you are doing the exercise, so it is easier than real life. It doesn't teach you WHEN you can use it in spontaneous conversation.

The only way you can PROPERLY TEST if you have understood a grammar point is through REAL CONVERSATION with a private teacher.  In the CityFluent premium course,  I mostly test grammar through spontaneous conversation, using 2 techniques:

Pointing out at various points in a conversation where you could have used a certain grammar point.

STEERING THE CONVERSATION towards the use of certain grammar points WITHOUT THE STUDENT KNOWING.  Therefore improving a student's knowledge of a difficult grammar topic.


I still don't feel confident speaking English with native speakers

Something I have observed from many teachers, is that they do not know how to give constructive feedback on conversation.

Simply correcting mistakes doesn't always help students. Knowing how to correct, and also pointing out the things students are doing RIGHT, does 2 things:

1. It increases students' confidence.  Reassures them that they are using phrases as a native speaker would use them. It gives the student a clear idea of where they are at with their English

3. It stops students falling into the trap of something called the Dunning-Krueger effect. The illusion that the more you know, the less you know.  This is a big factor in students losing confidence with their speaking.

As a teacher, I fully believe in monitoring not only a student's mistakes, but monitoring every time a student gets something right, and every time they correct themselves.  I use a 'tick system' on my board to encourage students to see exactly what they are doing correctly. If you would like to see me demonstrate this face-to-face, feel free to try a demo lesson with me.

Before we look at special teaching methods I use, let's take a look at the unique course structure.  There are 2 parts to the course..

  • 1

    The Base

    The essential advanced business vocabulary, articles and points of discussion are covered in the base of the course

  • 2

    Tailored Exercises

    This is the part where we decide areas where YOU personally need to improve. We look to improve these areas based on your own interests and goals for your English development.

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Section 1: The Base

The base functions as the part of the course which gives you all of the essential advanced business material.  The vocabulary, articles and discussions in this section are designed to take the business side of your English to the next level.

At the beginning of the course, the base is usually the main focus.  However, as the course progresses and I get to know you better, the course will be mainly based around YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS AND NEEDS (see section 2), and the base will be fitted around YOU PERSONALLY.

Below are the 8 key modules which we cover in the base of the course.

  • 1

    Module 1 - Finding the Real You

Business Article and Discussion

Article: Finding the Real You

Discussion about psychometric testing and personality types

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Advanced business expressions and phrasal verbs involving personality

Born lucky: Most important business idioms involving probability

  • 2

    Module 2 - Leadership and making arrangements

Business Article and Discussion

Article: How to use Future Tenses to sound like a Leader

Discussion about leadership skills

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Essential advanced business phrasal verbs for making arrangements

Assertive phrases to use at a business lunch

  • 3

    Module 3 - Workplace diversity and Politeness Techniques

Business Article and Discussion

Article: These 8 Scales Reveal everything you need to know about Different Cultures

Discussion about diversity and politeness

Discussion about ethics in business

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Advanced politeness phrases for emails, presentations and face-to-face conversation

How to create your own politeness phrases

Fluency Space scale of phrases from politeness and assertiveness

Vocabulary for negotiating and closing contracts

Most common advanced idioms used in the workplace

  • 4

    Module 4 - Advertising and Persuasion

Business Article and Discussion

Article: Persuasion - How much are you influenced by Advertising

Discussion about marketing and advertising

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Advanced phrasal verbs of advertising and attraction

  • 5

    Module 5 - Risk

Business Article and Discussion

Article: 5 Risks Everybody should take at least once

Discussion: Are you a risk-taker?

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Phrasal verbs and expressions with 'take'

The most useful advanced expressions about risk

  • 6

    Module 6 - Finance and Profit

Business Article and Discussion

Article: Repaying Debt

Discussion: Changes in the global economy

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Advanced presentation phrases

The complete guide to describing charts and graphs

  • 7

    Module 7 - Strategy and the Rise of Technology

Business Article and Discussion

Article: Starbucks' digital strategy drives sales

Article: The dark side of conditionals, How to use Conditionals to your Advantage

Discussion: Technology and it's effect on business

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Advanced phrasal verbs of obligation and necessity

Advanced technology vocabulary

  • 8

    Module 8 - Stress in the Modern Workplace

Business Article and Discussion

Article: Colouring Books for Adults top Amazon Bestseller List

Discussion:  Is the workplace becoming an ever-more stressful environment?

Advanced Business Vocabulary

Advanced expressions involving difficulty and hardship

Section 2: Tailored Exercises

This section is just as important as section 1.  This is where we both decide on issues that YOU want to focus on.

This is based on 3 things:


In the demonstration lesson, or sometimes in the first lesson I always do something called GOAL SETTING.  This is where we work out YOUR OWN SPECIFIC TARGETS for your business English development.

Maybe you would like to improve your presentation skills.

Maybe you want to be able to communicate face-to-face with colleagues with confidence by the end of the year.

Maybe you do a lot of writing in your job, so you want to learn how to write.

Whatever is is that you want to improve, we will focus on it.  In fact, this is actually more important than the base of the course, and the two parts will run alongside each other.

Each goal will be clearly defined, and throughout the course we will take time to review our progress at regular intervals.

2. Areas where you feel you need to improve

Also, at the beginning of the course, we will discuss areas of your English which you feel you need to improve.  Maybe there are certain areas where you don't have that confidence you need to progress.  For example..

Maybe you struggle with getting past tenses right.

Maybe your grammar in general is something you don't feel so confident with.

Maybe your listening is fine, but you feel your speaking needs to become more fluent.

Whatever your problems in English may be, we will work out a strategy to solve them using techniques which I'm going to talk about in a second.

3. Areas where I can see you need to improve

At various stages throughout the course, areas may appear which need to be worked on.  Again, this could be issues about grammar, fluency etc.

Just like with number 2, as the course progresses we will work out strategies to tackle these areas and boost our business English.

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Having read the sections of the course, some of you may be thinking, what about grammar?


Do not fear!  At the beginning of the course I run through all major grammar topics, to find where students are having problems, and it is these topics that we focus on alongside the base of the course.

For all other grammar topics, my method is to SWITCH BETWEEN DIFFERENT TOPICS throughout each lesson, rather than focus on just one.

In language school courses that you have taken before, you may have spent one lesson as a mix of conversation vocabulary and grammar, and there would have been a specific grammar topic for each lesson.


For example, with just one normal sentence you may need to use a conditional, a relative clause and a difficult verb pattern!

What students need at advanced level, is to know exactly when to use a certain grammar point in SPONTANEOUS CONVERSATION, not in a textbook exercise.

During a discussion, there may be a grammar point which the student is not using correctly, or is using at the wrong time.  From here we will quickly do an exercise of only 2 or 3 questions, just to refresh rules, and then continue with the discussion. I will then try and steer the conversation towards helping the student use the grammar point spontaneously, WITHOUT THE STUDENT KNOWING.

Depending on issues in a conversation we may switch grammar topics 2 or 3 times to test a student's flexibility and ability to think on the spot.

This also allows us to refresh grammar topics again and again, as opposed to the language school method of looking at a topic once and never revisiting it again.

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Here are some other teaching methods unique to the Fluency Space premium course..

  • 1

    Receive In-depth training on how to study outside of English lessons - Introducing my '6-Minute Solution'

    One of the main reasons students fail to progress during their language school courses is that they are not taught how to properly study outside of lessons.
    Language school courses may give homework, but they do not teach students the habits they can form to be in contact with English every single day. If you don't live in an English speaking country, then forming habits which you can follow every day is essential if you want to progress. I teach my students psychological tricks they can use to remain in contact with English consistently outside of lessons.

  • 2

    Learn to speak fluently under real pressure with spontaneous mini-presentations

    This is one excellent method for improving fluency, which I always use with my students. I give them a topic on the spot - it has to be a topic which they know very little about - and they have to tell me everything they know about that topic as fast as possible. I then give the student feedback on fluency, mistakes and things they did well. Once they are used to this kind of pressure, the idea of talking about something that they DO know a lot about becomes easier and easier.

  • 3

    Receive feedback on the strengths in your conversation, as well as your weaknesses

    In order for students to recognise exactly where they stand in terms of their conversation fluency, it is essential that teachers give students feedback on grammar points or vocabulary that they used well. This is absolutely essential for students' confidence, and an area that many teachers tend to neglect.

  • 4

    Learn my unique method for remembering conditionals

    Conditionals a really important grammar topic, and they are also the topic which is hardest to get right. With the premium course you will learn my special method for remembering the forms of conditionals, and you will never forget them with my 2-minute conditionals drills EVERY LESSON!

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Jakub Jedlicka

When I started lessons 3 years ago I set David a challenge.  I wanted him to make my lessons dependent on my skills and how my skills will grow.  There are 2 types of teachers, one is learning step-by-step from textbooks, but David is different.  He adapts his style to my needs, because I wanted to do it a different way.  It is the basis of our lessons.  I feel more confident with my English in present days, which is very important because I travel more often than not to English speaking countries.

Jakub Jedlicka Managing Director, Casablanca Inc.
Marcela Bernatova

I have had lessons with David for 2.5 years.  I like the style of lessons, especially the articles he comes with.  Every time the latest and interesting stories with useful phrases and vocabulary.  We are used to discussing different topics for the first half of our lessons, with focusing on mistakes David tries to find in my talking.  David is able to describe English basic rules as well as harder grammar in such a different way to my experience from school.  I have learned a lot of business phrases I am able to use at my work.  I am also not afraid of speaking without thinking about grammar before.  Finally, I have thrown away bad habits I learned in our educational system.

Marcela Bernatova Project Manager, Sentient s.r.o
Martin Nosek

David’s lessons provide everything I need for my personal improvement.  We are not rigidly linked to one specific textbook or topic, and that’s great for me. I enjoy lessons, David is the best teacher I ever had (not only because of his unique explanation of conditionals).  If I had not visited lessons, I would not be comfortable to listen to the BBC or read something original, it feels easier now.

Martin Nosek HR Manager, Ceska Sporitelna Bank. Prague, Czech Republic
Monica Eras

I have had English lessons with David for two years! I really appreciate his professionalism and his permanent support in my professional requirements. I was very lucky to find David as a teacher!

I am in charge of the operations in Latin America and I must present to a Committee the potential financial investments in English language. Thanks to David I feel more confident with my writing and speaking English skills. English learning is an ongoing process and I am willing to make a strong effort with David’s support of course.

Monica Eras Investment Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean at Frankfurt School Financial Services
Valentina Kipel

I was looking for assistance to move my English to the really advanced level as it was required at my new job. In the very first lesson we defined together the goals as well as the ways to achieve them. Every next step towards being professional in English was as effective as possible since the lessons with David were thoroughly prepared and well-structured.

One of the distinctive features of David’s advanced lessons which I personally appreciate very much is ability to work on several aspects of language in parallel keeping up the highest standard of the learning process.

The most important thing is that David keeps his word and ”boosts your English” and moreover he is a fan of your successful results.

Valentina Kipel Business Analyst, Minsk
Martin Perrone

David has really helped me to bring my spoken English to the next level. Interesting and challenging classes.

Martin Perrone Finance Director, AB Mauri Hispano-America. Buenos Aires
Daniel Carrara

David is a great teacher. He is kind, polite, professional and a deep connoisseur of the Language. Also, David is very flexible and he can model the lesson as your needings. I had many Business English lessons and job interview preparation and he was more than a teacher, he was a coach for me.

Daniel Carrara Product Manager, The App Business. London, UK

David is a great teacher. He prepares his lessons and adapt them depending on my objectives. He helps me to have confidence in my English pronunciation

Estelle Garcin Financial Controller. Paris
Lucas Larcher

I started having lessons with David only two months ago, and he quickly assessed my level of English and identified the areas we should work on. So far, I see the progress and I feel more confident knowing that we are tackling the areas I’ve been struggling with for a long time.

Lucas Larcher Lead Lean Startup Deployment - Philip Morris International, Warsaw
Lucie Kristenova

David is always well-prepared and very supportive during and outside the classes. Unfailingly ready to answer any questions.

Lucie Kristenova Language Teacher. Lyon, France
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The price is made for each individual lesson.

Because courses are made according to STUDENTS' INDIVIDUAL GOALS AND NEEDS, there is no fixed length of the course.

It is possible to pay for as many lessons in advance as you like.  It is also possible just to pay for 1 lesson at a time at the beginning.


Lessons are private 1-1 lessons.  If you have friends who you would like to take lessons with, it is possible with a maximum of 4 students.

1 x 30-Minute Lesson
  • Course specifically aimed at your needs and goals
  • Flexible lesson times
  • Book as many or as few lessons in advance as you want
  • Availability to answer questions outside of lessons
Try a $2 demo lesson
1 x 90-Minute Lesson
  • Course specifically aimed at your needs and goals
  • Flexible lesson times
  • Book as many or as few lessons in advance as you want
  • Availability to answer questions outside of lessons
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  • Opportunity for us to meet, and it gives you the chance to try some of the materials I use
  • Opportunity for me to learn more about your learning styles and your personal interests, so that I can adapt my materials to suite you if you choose to take a paid course
  • Establish PERSONALISED CLEAR GOALS for your English learning
  • All you need is a computer and a Skype account!
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