Meeting Agenda - How can we Improve the Onboarding Process for New Employees?

Meeting Aims

A number of employees have complained that they did not feel that they didn't receive adequate onboarding when they first joined the company.  Many have said that, especially on their first day, they didn't really understand where to go and what to do.  We want new employees to feel part of our family from the first day that they arrive, so we have called this meeting to discuss which factors are necessary for an employee's first day in the company.  We also need to discuss how each stage in the onbarding process should work.

Agenda Items

    • Introduction to the team

- How should this process work?

    • Tour of the office

- How long should it take?

- Do we need to cover every department?

- Do we introduce the new employee to members of other departments they may be working with?

    • Training Booklet

- Should we offer a booklet to new employees?

- Should we give employees this booklet on their first day or before?

- What should feature in the booklet?

    • Introduction to the company culture

- How do we do this and how important is it?

    • Mentors

- Do we need to offer a mentor for a new employee?

- How long should a mentor be assigned to a new employee?

    • Welcome events

- Welcome drinks in the office?

- Do we take the new employee out for a team lunch?

- Should it just be the boss who takes the new employee out for lunch?

    • Other suggestions from participants