Present Perfect or Past Simple Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate verb in the present perfect or past simple.  Some verbs are given in brackets.

1. I to Croatia last year for my holidays.

2. I my keys. I can't find them anywhere!

3. Michael Jackson (have) many top ten hits in his career

4. The photocopier (break down) twice already today, and it is only lunchtime!

5. I at this company for over 4 years now, so I think that it is time to look for a new challenge.

6. I (clean) this kitchen only 10 minutes ago, and you (make) a mess already!

7. King Henry VII of England king for 38 years.

8. My phone (break) 10 minutes ago, and now no-one can contact me!

9. So far, we (write) the first part of the report/ Hopefully we will have the second part finished by this afternoon.

10. This is the best film I in a very long time.

11. This restaurant my favourite place to eat in the city for many years, but then they changed owners and the quality of the food so I don't like it anymore.

12. I a shark when I was in South Africa.

13. We a great holiday. I don't want to go home!

14. Italy the football world cup 4 times