Train Advanced English Listening with Different Accents

Our listening exercises are based on real YouTube interviews and real TED talks by prominent academics, politicians, business people, actors and musicians.

Challenging questions to challenge your understanding of the meaning of the statements along with the 

Detailed accent guide and answers included.

Our exercises contain the following people, all speaking advanced, articulate English with strong accents:

Professor Brian Cox   -   Physicist   -   Northern English accent 
Adele   -   Musician   -   London Accent
Russell Brand   -   Actor, Comedian, Philosopher   -   Essex Accent
Jamie Carragher   -   Football Pundit   -   Liverpool Accent
Nicola Sturgeon  -  Politician  -  Scottish Accent
James McAvoy  -  Actor  -  Glasgow Accent
Cillian Murphy   -   Actor   -   Irish (Cork) Accent
Matthew McConaughey   -   Actor  -  South USA (Texas) Accent  
Chris Hemsworth   -   Actor   -   Australian Accent
Honor Harger  -   Artist, Museum Curator   -   New Zealand Accent    

The author of materials

David Cox

David is a Business English coach with 11 years' experience solely in advanced Business English.  He is also the founder of Fluency Space.  He has taught professionals from around the world in a range of industries.  He has also studies linguistics and phonetics extensively, and has experience in training students with accent reduction.

Accent Breakdown and Short Transcript

As well as comprehension questions, our listening exercises also include questions whereby you have to work out the exact words that the speaker is saying. This is quite challenging in a strong accent spoken completely naturally and at full speed.    This helps English learners to really understand the differences between the regional accent and standard English.
Learn the key consonant features of each accent, and learn how you can identify them in listening.
See how the key features are applied in a short colour-coded transcript of a short section of the video. 
All explanations and transcripts clear, easy to follow and easy to understand.

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10 YouTube and TED Talk Listening Exercises with Accent Guide and Answers





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