Do you find verb tenses confusing? Do you feel like you make a lot of mistakes?

Specialise in Business English with over 250 diagrams in our 308-page book.  See verb tenses like never before.

Verb tenses can be understood so much more easily in visual format, rather that endless lists of rules.

This book takes you on a journey, starting with the present tenses and then adding more tenses as we go along.

Build towards mixing tenses like a pro. Don't let verb tenses restrict you any more!

Use simple and complex tenses together all in one sentence, and open up your expressiveness and professional image in English.

See conditionals as you have never seen them before, and use them with confidence

Conditional sentences (sentences with 'if') are absolutely essential in business, and it is so easy to be misunderstood.  Get them right in your next meeting!

Bonus materials with diagrams, business articles and exercises

PDFs with new grammar diagrams for 'a' and 'the', mixing verb tenses.  Adapted articles to test your Business English knowledge.

How This Book Has Helped Other Business English Learners

I love your diagrams

I love your diagrams. All the effort you've put in is clear to see, and it makes my job so much easier, so thank you!

Zuzana Smith



This is a splendid book. The content is well-thought-out and based on eye-catching visuals provided with a brief and clear explanation of the most tricking grammar aspects.

Natalia Ignatova

Teacher, Academy of Intellectual Property


David's materials have really helped me to bring my spoken English to the next level. They are really interesting and challenging.

Martin Perrone

Finance Director, AB Mauri Hispano-America.

Specialise in Business English for just €14.99 complete with bonus materials

250+ Clear Visuals with simple explanations 
16 lessons to understand verb tenses like never before
Complete visual guide to conditionals and passives
A focus specifically on business situations
A focus on eliminating classic English mistakes in business
A wide range of examples to support visuals
Exercises to test your knowledge

Bonus Materials Also Included

Bonus Diagrams related to Mixing Tenses, as well as 'a' and 'the'
PDF list of the most common verb patterns and prepositions mistakes for advanced Business English learners

How to Use English Verb Tenses in Business

More about the author - A passionate linguist with over 12 years' experience

My name is David, and I come from a city in central England called Leicester. For over 11 years, I have been helping professionals to improve their confidence in business English.

During my 12 years as a teacher, I have taught hundreds of professionals across the world including company owners, CEOs, CFOs, as well as professionals in marketing, sales, HR, IT and finance.

My main focus is to improve your career opportunities through Business English, and as a completely independent teacher I strive to tailor my lessons and courses to your specific goals and needs.

I specialise in teaching learners who are already at an upper-intermediate to advanced level, but feel they want to further their English in order to achieve their full career potential. During my 11 years of discussing business in-depth across a wide range of fields, I have collected a huge amount of data on vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs that my students really need based on real discussion.  

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You will receive 50 pages of free materials

Free PDF Vocabulary Module with exercises and answers (9 Pages)

Free Listening Exercise with Mini-Transcript and Accent Guide (3 Pages)
Free Business Article With Advanced Vocabulary + Exercises (11 Pages)
Free Grammar Exercise (2 Pages)
Fun Idioms Exercise (3 Pages)
'How to Use English Verb Tenses in Business Chapter 1 (30 Pages)
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