How to Use English Verb Tenses In Business

See English verb tenses like never before...

Why is this book essential for both English learners and teachers?

My name is David, and I have been teaching advanced Business English for 11 years.  My only focus for 11 years has been to help advanced English learners to sound more professional.  In fact, have taught nothing else!

Every day I have in-depth conversations with advanced Business English learners who want to sound better in a business environment.  I therefore believe that I know exactly what Business English learners need to improve their verb tenses and sound more like a native speaker.  It would be great to share that with you with my new book!

  • 16 lessons to understand verb tenses like never before
  • Complete visual guide to conditionals and passives
  • A focus specifically on business situations
  • A focus on eliminating classic English mistakes in business
  • A wide range of examples to support visuals
  • Exercises to test your knowledge
  • Answers to all exercises included

This is a splendid book. The content is well-thought-out and based on eye-catching visuals provided with a brief and clear explanation of the most tricking grammar aspects.

Natalia Ignatova
Natalia Ignatova Teacher, Academy of Intellectual Property

David's materials have really helped me to bring my spoken English to the next level. They are really interesting and challenging.

Martin Perrone
Martin Perrone Finance Director, AB Mauri Hispano-America.
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A Unique Book for both English Learners and English Teachers

For English Learners...

This book makes verb tenses very easy to understand from the perspective on an English learner.  Rules are kept to a minimum, and the visuals make the rules very easy to understand.  Chapters start with the difference between the present simple and present continuous tenses, and then move on to more complex tenses and sentences.  As an English learner, you are taken on a journey step-by-step, so that you soon become very familiar with more complex ideas such as conditionals and passive constructions.  

Every chapter in the book is dedicated to business scenarios, so that you can start using correct tenses in your everyday business life.

When using the book as a self-study tool, the exercises at the end of each chapter should prove to be straightforward after having viewed all the visual material.  The exercises also allow you to see these verb tenses in a wide range of business-specific contexts.

For English Teachers...

This book offers the ideal accompaniment to any English lesson on verb tenses.  The diagrams act as a way for your students to visualize your explanations on how verb tenses work.  Personally, I have been teaching English for 11 years, and I use these diagrams regularly in my own teaching.  I find that they make it so much easier to explain the differences between verb tenses. 

The diagrams also work as a very quick reminder for students who make a mistake in their speaking.  One quick view of the correct visual reminds them immediately of how they can correct their mistake.  

From simple differences between present simple and present continuous all the way to complex differences between past continuous and past perfect continuous, this book has you covered.

If you teach in a classroom, sticking diagrams on the wall is a great way to offer a clear and constant reminder of how verb tenses work.

About the Author - A linguist with 11 years' teaching experience

My name is David, and I am from a city in central England called Leicester.  For over 11 years, I have been focusing solely on helping professionals to boost their confidence in Business English.

During my time as a teacher, I have worked with hundreds of professionals from around the world including company owners, CFOs, CEOs as well as professionals in marketing, sales, HR, IT and finance.  My goal with all of them is simply to help them to sound more professional and to open up career opportunities through English.

I am a completely independent teacher, and I go to great lengths to customize my lessons to every student's specific goals and needs.  It was this that was the driving force behind establishing my own brand Fluency Space in 2016.

In my 11 years' experience, it is clear that confusion with verb tenses holds English learners back more than any other area of grammar.  Over time, it gradually became clear to me that students were confused about even some of the more basic, fundamental differences between verb tenses, which was changing the meaning in some of their sentences.  I therefore set about finding a way to convey these in a much clearer way in order to improve students' accuracy.  The verb tense system in English is logical despite the fact that it is complicated, which meant that visualizing how tenses worked made learning so much easier.