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Advanced Business English Texts

What is the Advantage to Our Advanced Business English Texts over Real Articles? 

Our advanced Business English texts take the most insightful and informative business articles online.  We take out unnecessary vocabulary which we believe will not help you to sound more professional, and we replace it with advanced phrases that are much more commonly used based on 11 years' experience in Business English teaching.  

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Our texts also take the most informative paragraphs and condense them down to a more manageable article, so that you can focus purely on the English and the comprehension of the text.

What is included in each text, and what exercises are included?

Detailed text with a focus on 8-14 new advanced Business English words, idioms and phrasal verbs. 
Vocabulary exercises to test your understanding of the meaning of each word based on context
Challenging comprehension exercises to understand your understanding of the article
Gap-fill exercise in a new article to test your understanding of new vocabulary in a new context
Detailed answer section with detailed advice on how to use selected vocabulary in different sentences and contexts.

Our advanced texts are adapted from informative articles related to business and self-growth.

Top 10 Qualities that Make a Great Leader: Part 1  -  Adapted from Forbes Magazine
Top 10 Qualities that Make a Great Leader: Part 2 - Adapted from Forbes Magazine
Vying for Prestige - Oxford and Cambridge Universities - Adapted from BBC Travel 
Secrets of the "High-Potential" Personality - Adapted from BBC Worklife 
The Mindset that Brings Unlimited Willpower - Adapted from BBC Worklife
10 Grand Challenges We Will Face by 2050 - Adapted from BBC Future
The Sudden Rise of the Deinfluencer - Adapted from The Guardian

The author of materials

David Cox

David is a Business English coach with 11 years' experience solely in advanced Business English.  He is also the founder of Fluency Space.  He has taught professionals from around the world in a range of industries.  He has also studies linguistics and phonetics extensively, and has experience in training students with accent reduction.

Answers With Detailed Advice on How to use New Vocabulary in Business

Detailed explanations about why words are useful in a business context.
Information about the different scenarios in which you can use each word in business.
A breakdown of how you can use some of the more challenging words in a sentence
A list of all the main collocations that work with an advanced word.  Collocations are key to helping you to sound more professional.

You are just a small step away from 6 adapted texts complete with exercises and vocabulary advice...

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